You don’t have to love it, but please don’t harm it!

Harrowing CCTV footage has captured the moment a dog was stamped on by a man in a lift in southwest China’s Yibin City.

The vulnerable dog was kicked in the head and body leaving a pool of blood on the floor.
Local policemen received reports of the incident on March 25 and started tracking down the suspect.

残忍! 宜宾一男子电梯内虐狗直至其吐血抽搐!

In a report from People’s Daily Online, the man saw the dog when he walked in the lift. He bent down and looked at the dog for a few seconds before suddenly starting to kick the dog viciously.

The small canine’s head and body is heavily injured and it can be seen lying in a pool of blood and twitching. It failed to get up before the man started attacking it again.
The end of the footage shows him picking up the dog and walking out the lift.
Sina News stated in a report that over 10 dog lovers were seen protesting at the residence the next day, holding banners of ‘You don’t have to love it, but please don’t harm it’.
Mimi Bekhechi, Director of International Programmes at PETA told Mailonline that PETA Asia has contacted local authorities, urging them to arrest the man before he attacks any other animals or humans.
She also said: ‘This callous attack on “man’s best friend” must be treated with the utmost seriousness, as this individual poses a real danger to the entire community.’