How to Home-made Selene Underworld Costume

Selene, the main heroine from the film “Underworld,” has become a pop culture icon. Her sex appeal, coupled with her strong image, make a costume idea for women who want something modest, yet still sexy, for Halloween or a cosplay event. Buying this costume pre-made can cost quite a bit of money, so a DIY project would be ideal for saving on the costs.

The PVC Cat Suit

The beginning to any Selene costume is finding the right cat suit. PVC is commonly the type of material chosen for this because the material really hugs all the curves of a woman’s body. However, if the costume maker is looking for something less shiny and that offers a bit more breathing room, then latex or other types of faux leather are also great options.

If a body suit still doesn’t sound appealing, then leather pants with a long-sleeved black shirt is also a great look. This is the ideal solution for women who aren’t a one-size-fits-all shape because they can buy larger top or larger bottom depending on their body shape and size.

The Corset

On top of the cat suit, or black top, will be the latex corset. Corsets come in cinchers and other styles, but the ideal corset to choose would be a full traditional corset. Selene wears hers with gun slots and knives on the sides underneath her arms. Some leather or latex fabric strips sewn onto a corset will complete the look for this style.

When choosing a corset, make sure it is pure black. If the chosen cat suit is shiny, as the traditional costume would be, a matted corset would be the right choice. This way, the blacks stand out as two different pieces.

The Coat

The trench coat worn by Selene will be the most important part of the costume. Finding one with a similar length and style will provide the look that fans want. To be as close to her character as possible, find a long trench coat that goes just above the ankles. If this isn’t possible, go without instead of buying one too short. Since Selene doesn’t fight wearing the coat, it isn’t necessary to deviate from her powerful look with a jacket that just doesn’t compare.

The Boots

The last accessories that are essential for pulling off this powerful female costume are her combat boots. These are an important part of the style and challenging to find because there are so many different styles of combat boots. The first thing to search for is height. Combat boots are sold in ankle height, knee height, and above the knee. Selene’s boots sit about 2 inches below her knee, so finding boots that are knee high, or just below, is one factor for finding the perfect boots.

Secondly, the straps are important. The straps add that military look and suggest that she’s probably got knives hidden away in those boots. They also wrap up the whole dominatrix look that makes the character so powerful and seductive.

Lastly, the boots need a slight chunky heel. Many women may make the mistake of going with a stiletto, but that doesn’t help this kind of look. The boots need just enough heel to make a noise when walking, but they need to remain low enough that the balance and stability aren’t jeopardized.

The Accessories

With a costume like Selene from “Underworld,” the accessories are important. A thigh holster or two hip holsters are good additions to a Selene costume. Of course, because she is a vampire, vampire teeth or her famous blue contacts are also suggested ways to improve her costume. The blue contacts are especially dazzling; many of Selene’s close-ups are focused around her mesmerizing blue eyes.