How to Home-made Christmas Tree Costume

Whether you are celebrating the season at an upcoming Christmas party or going to a Halloween costume party, a Christmas tree costume is an easy DIY project anyone can create even if they are not sewing savvy. Since each costume is custom-made, you can add as much detail to it as you wish with tinsel garland, glitter, plastic ornaments, and other craft embellishments. Learning about how to assemble a DIY Christmas tree costume allows you to understand which craft supplies you need to create a one-of-a-kind outfit for adults and children.

Measuring for Size

Prior to creating a Christmas tree costume, you need to measure the clothing size of the adult or child wearing the costume. Though you do not need this measurement specifically for costumes made of recycled material, it is helpful as a base for cutting a box or other material to size.


Bust Measurement

Waist Measurement

Hip Measurement

Yards of 60-inch Wide Fabric

33-34 inches 25-26 inches 35-36 inches 4 yards
35-38.5 inches 27-30.5 inches 37-40.5 inches 4.12 yards
40-46 inches 32-38 inches 42-48 inches 4.25 yards


If your body measurement is between sizes, select the next size up and purchase extra fabric.

Felt Christmas Tree Costume

For a felt Christmas tree costume you need a length of green felt 60 to 72 inches wide (the exact amount depends on the measurements of the person wearing the costume), red craft pom poms, fabric chalk, scissors, heavy-duty green thread, a needle, battery operated Christmas tree lights, fabric measuring tape, safety pins, and craft glue.

Roll the green felt lengthwise and measure it to fit the height of the person it is for, from their shoulders to their knees; double the measurement and cut the felt carefully with sharp scissors. Fold the felt in half lengthwise; measure and mark the widest bust, waist or hip measurement of the person with fabric chalk. Draw a zigzag pattern on the outer edge of this mark to create the branches of the tree with the fabric chalk. Place the folded tree pattern over the head of the wearer; mark with fabric chalk where the head and arm holes line up.

With the needle and heavy-duty thread, sew up the sides of the tree to join the front and back, skipping the marked area for the arms. Cut a hole for the head at the top of the tree. Glue the tinsel and craft pom poms in place, and add the lights to the costume by safety pinning the wire onto the felt. To keep warm while wearing this costume, wear a pair of green leggings or pants and a long-sleeve green shirt.


Foam Board Christmas Tree Costume

A foam board Christmas tree costume is one of the simplest costumes to make, especially for those who are uncomfortable with sewing. For this costume, you need a two 40- by 30-inch pieces of foam board, adhesive tape, green markers or paint, glitter, stapler, and scissors.

Draw the pattern of a Christmas tree onto one piece of foam board. Cut the pattern, leaving approximately 2 to 3 inches of a rectangular strip at the top uncut. Trace the outline of the first piece onto the second piece of foam board and cut it to match. Using adhesive tape, make a strap to go over each shoulder and connect the boards, essentially creating a sandwich board with a front and back. At the bottom sides of the tree, add two more adhesive tape straps to secure the boards further and prevent the wind from blowing them up. Make sure these straps are long enough that you can walk comfortably.

Paint the tree with green paint. Add decorations to the tree by adding craft pom poms, construction paper circles, and tinsel garland. You can also create present box shoes by wrapping two shoe boxes in a Christmas wrapping paper, then cutting a hole in the top of the box to place your foot through.

Christmas Tree Costume Dress

For women and young girls, a Christmas tree dress is a costume idea easy to create with pre-existing dresses and a few embellishments. Start by selecting a plain green dress in either a long or short length. With a fabric marker, draw the shape of a Christmas tree onto the front and back of the dress. Add embellishments such as craft pom poms, glitter, sequins, and fabric jewels to the tree to create ornaments. Use a star sequin applique to create the tree topper and appliques in wrapped present shapes to place at the bottom of the dress.