Simple And Affordable Anime Cosplay Ideas

So you want to cosplay a anime character? But maybe you’re facing a few problems. Maybe you don’t have the funds to put together a professional one. Maybe you lack the time or artistic skills to make one from scratch. Fear not. Here we’ve compiled a list of anime cosplay ideas which are really easy and cheap to put together.

Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece:
Items Needed: A Pair of jeans rolled up to knees, a sleeveless red button up shirt, scarf to be tied around the waist, a red ribbon to be tied around the straw hat and a straw hat.

Luffy is one of the easiest and cheapest characters to cosplay. You probably have most of the items lying around in your house, and the ones you don’t have can be purchased for really cheap. Once you have everything, put on your cosplay and start practising your One Piece like faces in front of the mirror. After all, What even is a one piece cosplay without the one piece faces!

Yato from Noragami:
Items Needed: A Black tracksuit(Pants and Jackets) with a white line down on the side, brown boots with knee high length, white t-shirt and a light blue triangle scarf.

Yato is incredibly easy to cosplay. His only distinguishing features are the scarf and the hair. If you can get those right, you will be able to absolutely nail the cosplay.

L Lawliet From Death Note:
Items Needed: A pair of jeans, a white shirt with long sleeves and a generous amount of hair gel and eye shadow.

L is another one of the super easy anime characters to cosplay, Heck, he doesn’t even wear shoes! Just smear a lot of black or gray eyeshadow under your eyes and you’ll be set. If you don’t have eyeshadow, you can use an eyeliner or even a marker to draw the lines under the eyelids. While L’s outfit is simple, his manners are a bit…peculiar. When cosplaying as L, always sit with your toes overlapping and knees against your body. Also, try to always keep your thumb close to your mouth.

So there you have it, our list of anime cosplay ideas. Do you have any other ideas for our readers? Make sure to leave a comment below!