Costume Ideas


The Promising Future Of Costume Play

Cosplay has now taken a new direction with many people coming to love the new industry in the costume play industry. Cosplay remains a rarely ventured field of performing art given that very little is known about the area in […]

About Halloween History And Fun Halloween Costumes

Masquerade balls have been big before during the French Revolution and they remain big now. Stuff like cosplaying could be viewed as the natural progression from it. Stuff like dressing up during Halloween is big for everyone too – it’s […]

Simple And Affordable Anime Cosplay Ideas

So you want to cosplay a anime character? But maybe you’re facing a few problems. Maybe you don’t have the funds to put together a professional one. Maybe you lack the time or artistic skills to make one from scratch. […]

Steampunk: Is There Substance Behind the Style?

The emergence of steampunk as a genre and a style has arguably been one of the more significant developments of 21st century pop culture. Steampunk itself is difficult to define, due to the fact that there has never been any […]

How to Home-made Selene Underworld Costume

Selene, the main heroine from the film “Underworld,” has become a pop culture icon. Her sex appeal, coupled with her strong image, make a costume idea for women who want something modest, yet still sexy, for Halloween or a cosplay […]

Home-made DIY Snow White Princess Costume

Children of all ages have enjoyed Disney movies, from “Beauty and the Beast” to “Cinderella” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” Each movie has its own classic princess. With a few hours and help from a friend, you can […]

How to Home-made Christmas Tree Costume

Whether you are celebrating the season at an upcoming Christmas party or going to a Halloween costume party, a Christmas tree costume is an easy DIY project anyone can create even if they are not sewing savvy. Since each costume […]